Garbage collectors track the number of cans and extra trash collected at your residence each week. At the end of each quarter, they calculate your average level of usage for that three-month quarter. Note: Volumes of general waste and service are translated into the equivalent of whole can totals.

Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal bills you based on these service categories shown below:

Waste Material Categories:
Other: Items including appliances, furniture, and large volumes of miscellaneous debris are listed separately in detail.
Regular: Standard cans collected.
Extra: Collection of small volumes of miscellaneous items not in standard cans (for example, bags and boxes).

Service/Labor Categories:
Mess:  Charge for picking up excessive scattered debris (for example, animal mess or improper containment).
Trip:  Charge for retrieving cans located beyond the allowable distance from the road.
Service:  Charge for collecting trash on a non-standard service day, or returning on the same day after the route has been completed.

Basic Service Categories:
Allowed:  Number of cans in your basic service multiplied by the number of service days.
Credit:  Number of cans remaining from the allowed amount in the last billing period (applies to customers on continuous service only).

Recycling Program:
Blue Bag:  Number of program approved blue bags containing authorized recyclable material. If the content of the blue bag is not clearly visible or, if the contents contain non-recyclable material, the bag will be recorded and billed as regular waste.