Here’s what you need to know:

Residential Trash

  • Nothing new here: Mixed waste collection will remain in the same customer cans: one 32-gallon can collected weekly. 
  • No more “can averaging:” Each resident is allotted one can of trash per week rather than the previous “can averaging” program which allotted residents an average of 13 trash cans per quarter. 
  • Scheduled Overages: Up to 3 extra cans or bags of additional waste can be picked up on your normal service day, upon request 4 times per year. *Max 96-gallons total and 51 lbs each can or bag.* Must schedule ahead of time through your TTSD online customer portal under “MY ACCOUNT” at First time users will need your customer account number and an invoice number, which can be found on a recent bill from TTSD or by calling TTSD customer service at (530) 583-7800
  • Bulky items can be collected curbside on an on-call basis up to two times/year for free. (Please note that multi-family residents in a complex with 5+ units receive one bulky item pick-up for free per year.) Each collection can include up to 3-cubic yards of recyclable material, electronic waste, universal waste, AND up to 1 bulky item (mattress, couch, etc.). *Individual items cannot exceed 200 lbs. See specific information for refrigerators here. Must call TTSD ahead of time to schedule at 530.583.7800. 

    Learn more about residential trash collection

Residential Recycling

  • Carts: Households can opt in to receive a 64-gallon blue recyclables cart. Please note: delivery fees apply.
  • Blue bags will continue to be serviced at all households. Please place blue bags next to your garbage can or blue carts. Blue bags should not be placed inside of your blue cart.
  • Phased in: The three year roll-out has completed. 


Residential Yard Waste

Customer Service Improvements

Commercial Service Changes

  • Food Waste: Large food waste generators need wildlife-resistant food waste carts or dumpsters that will be serviced up to 3 times/week. Learn more about commercial food waste collection.
  • Recyclables: All commercial customers need recycling carts. Learn more about commercial recycling collection.
  • Trash: Commercial trash bins 3+ yards will be serviced up to 5 times/week. Small commercial customers may utilize hauler provided trash carts.
  • Complimentary Waste Assessment: Schedule your free visit with Town Staff to help you set up your new program selections by emailing