It’s not too late to order a green waste cart!!! Order your green waste cart by April 15, to receive free delivery.

Here’s what you need to know:

Residential Trash

  • Nothing new here: Mixed waste collection will remain in the same customer cans.
  • No more “can averaging:” Each resident is allotted one can of trash per week rather than the previous “can averaging” program which allotted residents an average of 13 trash cans per quarter. 
  • Scheduled Overages: Up to 3 extra cans (96-gallons) additional waste picked up on your normal service day, upon request 4 times per year 

Residential Recycling

–  Glenshire began October 4, 2018
–  Remaining Truckee neighborhoods excluding Tahoe Donner in October 2019
–  Tahoe Donner in 2020

  • Drop-off: 2 new recycling drop-off locations will be available during the summer at Town Hall & TD Northwoods Clubhouse


Residential Yard Waste

Customer Service Improvements

  • Online services: A new online customer service platform will be available for easier billing and communication.

Commercial Service Changes

  • New carts: Large food waste generators will need to sign up to receive wildlife-resistant food waste carts or dumpsters that will be serviced up to 3 times/week.
  • Recyclables: All commercial customers will need to sign up to receive recycling carts.
  • Five pick-ups: Commercial trash bins 3+ yards will be serviced up to 5 times/week.
  • Small businesses: Small commercial customers may utilize hauler provided trash carts.
  • Complimentary Waste Assessment: Schedule your free visit with Town Staff to help you set up your new program selections by emailing