Mixed construction and demolition waste includes all of the following material types: painted and treated lumber, clean lumber, metal, copper, aluminum, masonry, tile, dry wall, mixed recyclables (i.e. bottles and cans), fixtures, roofing materials, insulation, cardboard, concrete, asphalt, PVC, site clearing debris, green waste.

  • Items pulled for recycling on C&D line: clean lumber, pallets, metal, copper wire and pipe, aluminum doors and window frames, cardboard, concrete, asphalt, bottles and cans, masonry, PVC, clean drywall.
  • Items not pulled for recycling on C&D line: painted and treated lumber, carpet, roofing material, insulation, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, tile.

Separate materials on the job site before hauling them to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF-Eastern Regional Landfill).
Volumes can then be weighed at the gate and diversion percentage can be applied as follows:

Cost for Disposal:

    • Inert waste (site clearing: rock, soil, green waste only): $6.35 per cu. yard
    • Metal (including copper and aluminum): $9.00 per cu. yard
    • Concrete and Asphalt with or without rebar: $6.35 per cu. yard
    • Cardboard only: free to drop-off
    • Mixed recyclables (i.e. blue bag items (bottles and cans, paper)): Free to drop-off
    • Mixed C&D Waste: $76.00 per ton OR $9.00 per cu yard

Please keep in mind that the 35% diversion rate is for an average mixed load. If a load is dominated by items not picked for recycling than the diversion rate will not apply. See the top of the page for what is accepted for recycling and what materials are not accepted for recycling.

ON-SITE C&D: Small Project Collection. Volumes are not weighed; estimated weights only based on volume of container used. Multiplier for estimates: 232 lbs per cubic yard. For small projects dumpsters are available interflowing volume sizes: 3 yard, 4 yard and 6 yard. Dumpsters are for mixed C&D waste only. Due to current methods of collection dumpsters are not available for single source material type at this time. Flat rates apply depending on container size and service rate (unless weight is over threshold for container size then an overage fee may apply). Because mixed C&D is processed on a sort line it can be assumed that the average diversion rate for the line can be applied.

Diversion rate is currently 35%. ON-SITE C&D: Large Project Collection. Trash hauler will provide roll off containers at a minimum of 20 yards for segregated material type and guarantee diversion. Example: Contractor can order a 20 yard roll-off container and use it solely for a particular material type i.e. site clearing debris (see list of categories above to maximize diversion opportunities). The hauler will then pick up the container on site and take it to the inert processing (or appropriate area) at the transfer station. In this case, 100% diversion rate could be applied to material load using the 232 lbs multiplier by the volume of roll-off. Any material collected in containers smaller than 20 yards is commingled and treated as mixed material please let the office assistant know when ordering the service. The office assistant will note which material type is to be placed in the roll off on the invoice and then the appropriate diversion rates can be applied.

When ordering ON-SITE dumpsters and roll offs flat rates apply regardless of the materials collected. Rates are charged by the size of dumpster/roll off ordered and by the frequency of service. The dumpsters/roll offs are not charged by actual weight. Any overage on the dumpsters/roll-off, are subject to an additional service charge.