Ditch the Takeout Waste — Here’s How

Napkins, plastic cutlery, condiment packets, to-go boxes, cups, lids, straws, bags — the amount of waste created by takeout food is huge. Mostly, these are single-use items that go into the trash within minutes or even seconds of getting them.

Takeout food can be delicious, but it can also be super wasteful. In the U.S., single-use items make up 10 percent of all our waste.

One of our local Truckee restaurants, Red Truck, is tackling takeout waste with a reusable to-go box program. With a $5 one-time fee, you can participate in the reusable box program:

  1. Whenever you order your food to-go, ask for your meal in a reusable green box.   
  2. Bring back your box the next time you come in, and trade it for a new box with your next order.
  3. Repeat!

Get more tips on how you can reduce your takeout waste by watching this video.