Plastic #4 (LDPE)

Put in Garbage

You can drop-off plastic #4 film with plastic grocery bags at local grocery stores.
The following locations accept film:

11290 Donner Pass Rd, Truckee, CA 96161
Map & Directions
(530) 582-7950

Plastic Bag

Too Thin to Recycle

Plastic films, such as plastic bags, plastic wrap, frozen food bags and many other plastic #4 items, are too thin to recycle with hard plastics. Find out how to dispose of plastic bags.


Pay Attention to Proper Disposal

Plastic #4 is a lightweight material that easily finds its way into the environment, where it can leach toxic chemicals.

Did You Know?

What Plastic #4 Can Become

Plastic #4 can be recycled into shipping envelopes, paneling, tiles, plastic lumber, trash can liners and trash cans.