Batteries (Single Use)

Alternative ways to recycle
Illegal in Garbage & Drains
Hazardous Waste


The Town of Truckee offers a free battery recycling program through curbside collection (see instructions provided below):

Batteries can start fires when their terminals are allowed to touch, so put electrical tape on each battery terminal. Next, place batteries into a Ziploc bag, and then stack these bags on top of the trash. These bags will be collected free of charge.


Residents may also recycle common household batteries such as AA, AAA, C cells, D cells, button batteries and rechargeable FREE at any of the recycling drop-off locations (see below):

Eastern Regional Landfill


Ace Mountain Hardware and Sports
11320 Donner Pass Road | (530) 587-4844
Map & Directions

Truckee Tahoe Radio Station 101.5 FM
12030 Donner Pass Road | (530) 587-9999
Map & Directions

Truckee Town Hall Lobby
10183 Truckee-Tahoe Airport Rd. | (530) 582-7700
Map & Directions

17356 Northwoods Blvd | (530) 582-0300
Map & Directions

Glenshire Elementary School 
10990 Dorchester Drive | (530) 582-7675
Map & Directions

Alder Creek Middle School 
10931 Alder Drive | (530) 582-2750
Map & Directions

Truckee Tahoe Lumber Company
10242 Church Street | (530) 587-9211
Map & Directions

Never Throw in the Trash

Batteries are banned from the trash because they contain metals and other toxic and corrosive chemicals that can leach into the environment. All batteries, including sizes AAA, AA, C and D, need to be disposed of as Household Hazardous Waste.

Alternative Ways to Recycle

The Battery Solutions Recycling Program

Battery Solutions offers battery recycling kits and services to businesses, municipalities and residences. Their programs aim to help people recycle their batteries properly and conveniently. Learn more.

The Big Green Box Battery Recycling Program

The Big Green Box is a mail-in battery recycling program for both residences and businesses. Their system is simple: order a box, fill it up with your used batteries and then ship it back to the company’s EPA-approved recycling center. Learn more.

Ways to Reduce


Buy Rechargeable Batteries

Most single use batteries can be replaced by rechargeable ones. Consider switching batteries so you can reduce how much hazardous waste you generate. Today’s rechargeable batteries are even made to have the same battery life as single use ones.

Conserve Battery Life

Try conserving the battery life of your electronics so you can get more use out of those batteries. Turn off battery-powered devices when they’re not in use, and avoid exposing electronics to cold conditions.

Did You Know?

Battery Explodes in Garbage Truck

One battery recently caused an explosion in a UK garbage truck, starting a fire and contaminating over six tons of recycling. Because batteries contain chemicals that can ignite, it is important to dispose of them correctly, and not just toss them in with other trash or recycling.

Battery Technology Innovations

“A battery will do for the electricity supply chain what refrigeration did to our food supply chain” said MIT electrochemist Donald Sadoway in a Grist article. Sadoway and his peers are developing new battery technology using materials such as molten metal and saltwater. The energy-storage capacity of these technologies could lead to a new era for electric cars and the electricity grid.