Carpet Padding

Take to Landfill
See Alternatives

You can drop off extra carpet or carpet padding at the following location:

Gone Green
1440 Industrial Way, Sparks, NV 89431
Map & Directions
(775) 525-1447

Note: Gone Green will not accept any carpet that is contaminated with biohazard and/or water or fire damage.

Send to a Foam Recycler

A rebound carpet pad can be recycled by a foam recycler. Find a foam recycling program (drop-off or municipal).


Moldy Padding Cannot Be Recycled

Soiled or moldy carpet is contaminated and so cannot be recycled. Foam recycling programs will not accept these carpets, so take them to the landfill instead.

Recycle Carpet Pad with Carpet

It’s common for the same companies that recycle your carpet to recycle the carpet pad as well. View a list of California retailers that accept carpet pads.

OK in the Trash

Place small amounts of carpet padding in the trash. If you can’t fit all of it in the garbage, then take it to the landfill. Garbage collectors may not pick up your trash if it does not fit in the receptacle.

Alternative Ways to Recycle

Give to a CARE-Affiliated Company

The Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) is a joint industry-government project to increase carpet and carpet pad recycling. They have a number of carpet reclamation partners in California that accept unwanted carpet padding and will recycle it for you.

Did You Know?

Carpet’s Surprising Impact on the Environment

Carpet has the fourth largest greenhouse gas footprint of any product waste in California and currently, less than 50 percent of it is recycled in the southern part of the state.