Plastic Utensils

Put in Garbage

Ways to Reduce


To-Go Ware

Reduce plastic waste by picking up a pair of to-go utensils, which are made out of bamboo. Visit their online shop.

Ways to Reuse

Plastic Utensils In a Reycling Triangle

Save Them For Next Time

If you buy plastic utensils for a party or event, wash and store them to use later. While flimsy plastic utensils might not hold up over time, if you buy thicker utensils, you can get more uses before recycling them.

Did You Know?

Compostable Utensils: Not the Most Eco-Friendly of Them All?

Out of all types of utensils — compostable, plastic and reusable — compostables are advertised as being the most eco-friendly. However, reusable utensils are still the front-runner because they are easily recycled and not single-use. There’s a good chance that compostable items will end up in a landfill due to the absence of compost collection services in many places.