Recycle Those Campaign Signs! Here’s How

During election season, campaign signs dot yards and roadsides across the country. But what happens to all these signs after the elections are over? What is the best way to dispose of them?

Campaign signs are a recycling challenge because they’re made from multiple materials, such as paper, plastic and metal. Disposing of them requires taking them apart and disposing of each portion based on its material.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Break down the sign by detaching the metal wire stand from the sign itself. The metal wire is made of steel. Steel wire isn’t recycled curbside but it can be recycled with other scrap metal.
  • If the sign is made of paper, the paper can be recycled curbside.
  • If the sign is sturdy, corrugated plastic, that means it’s made from plastic #5. Plastic #5 cannot be recycled and goes in the trash.
  • If the sign is a very thin, flexible plastic, that means it’s made from film plastic #2 or plastic #4. This can’t be recycled curbside, but it can be recycled with plastic bags.

Before tossing your campaign sign, consider saving it for future use. You could attach a new message to the board and use it to promote a special event. A local school or nonprofit organization may be able to use the sign, too. If you don’t want to save the entire sign, you may be able to reuse the wire stand for future signs. Learn more about campaign signs here.