Recycling Carts Coming to Glenshire: A How-To

Over the next three years, recycling carts are being phased into Truckee neighborhoods. Residents must order recycling carts to receive them. Glenshire recycling carts will be delivered this week, the rest of Truckee not including Tahoe Donner will receive carts in the fall of 2019, and Tahoe Donner will receive carts in 2020.

For Glenshire residents, online orders submitted before August 21st will be delivered by September 28th, and cart deliveries will continue on a rolling basis for subsequent orders. Carts will begin service on Thursday, October 4th. This is a new service, so here’s what you need to know:

1. Carts should be wheeled curbside by 6 am on Thursdays.
The cart must be 3 feet away from other objects, with wheels facing away from the street and lid fully closed. After service, remove the cart from the street. Carts cannot be left in the town right-of-way.

2. Carts are serviced every-other-week, year-round.

The first pick-up day is October 4th. Recycling carts are serviced on the opposite weeks as yard waste carts. Reminder: yard waste cart service is only May 1- October 31. Set up email reminders here!

3. Additional services are available.

Residents can order additional recycling carts or wildlife-resistant carts for an additional rate. A push-pull service is also available if you are unable to roll your cart in and out on your service day. Contact TTSD at 530-583-7800 for details.

4. What do I recycle?

Plastics #1-2, paper, cardboard, glass, and metals. Food packaging should be rinsed. Blue bags/plastic bags and other film plastics should not be placed inside your cart. For extra recyclables, blue bags can still be used and should be placed next to your cart or trash can, or inside your bear box. For more details on what’s recyclable, view What’s Recyclable in Truckee. 

5. You can still order a cart!

Order your cart here.