You Can Recycle Plastic Bags, But Not at the Curb

When you put plastic bags in your curbside recycling carts, they won’t get recycled. But this doesn’t mean you can’t recycle plastic bags. In fact, because plastic bags are a top pollutant and dangerous to marine life, they are one of the most important materials to recycle.

Plastic bags and other film plastics include grocery store bags, bread bags, produce bags, newspaper bags, packaging overwrap, and Ziploc bags. Bring these items to the white plastic bag containers outside our local Save Mart and Safeway stores to be recycled. Or, visit to find another drop-off location near you.

Plastic trash bags and blue bags are also included in the film plastic category. To avoid using blue bags, sign up to receive a blue recycling cart, being introduced to Truckee neighborhoods 2018-2020. When you dispose of your recyclables into your blue cart, do not bag them. Your recyclable materials should go directly into your cart without using a plastic bag. Tip: Line your household container with a paper bag or newspaper to avoid messes!

Better yet, avoid using film plastics all together: Purchase reusable grocery bags and produce bags, and use reusable containers instead of Ziplocs! Moreover, avoid plastic packaging when making purchases at the store.

Watch this video to learn more about plastic bag recycling.