Recycling Cart Service Begins the Week of 9/30

Recycling cart service begins September 30 – October 4 for all Town neighborhoods (except Tahoe Donner). Here’s all the information you need to know:

  1. I didn’t get a cart, can I still get one?
    YES! Free deliveries to all Truckee neighborhoods except Tahoe Donner and Glenshire have been extended to October 21. Call TTSD to order at (530) 583-7800.
  2. What goes in my recycling cart?
    KTG_Poster-Recycling-without no bags-alt
    Download a sign here.

    – Plastics #1 & 2  plastics1-2
    – Paper & Cardboard
    – Glass
    – MetalClean and empty materials only. That means no liquid or food residue in your containers. Place materials directly into your cart – no blue bags!
  3. What goes in the trash?

    Download a sign here.
    – Food-soiled paper and cardboard (dirty napkins and pizza boxes)
    – Plastics #3-7 (check bottom of plastic container to verify)
    – Soft plastics (plastic bags)
    – Wax-lined paper (almond milk containers and coffee cups)
    – Styrofoam
  4. When is my cart serviced?
    Carts are serviced every-other-week on your regular trash day. Please have carts out by 6 am. Never miss a pick-up: download a calendar or sign up for weekly e-mail reminders!
  5. Where do I place my cart?
    Carts should be wheeled to the street, 3 feet apart from other objects, with wheels facing away from the street, like this:
  6. Can I still use blue bags?
    YES! Blue bags are still accepted. Note however that blue bags are not accepted inside your cart. Please place blue bags next to your trash can and recycling cart.