Recycling Carts Coming to Tahoe Donner

The three-year recycling cart rollout will reach the final Truckee neighborhood this June. Tahoe Donner residents who are signed up will receive recycling carts between May 11 – June 5, and service will begin on June 9, 2020. Residents must order by April 1st to receive a cart during those dates with free delivery. To order, call TTSD at (530) 583-7800. A delivery fee may be charged for orders made after April 1st. Confirmation emails have been sent out to residents who have already ordered a cart. Here’s all you need to know about the new recycling cart program:

1. Carts must be wheeled to the edge of the road by 6 am on your collection day for service. Recycling carts are emptied by an automated arm from the recycling truck and must be wheeled to the street for service. Your cart must be 3-feet away from other objects, with the wheels facing towards your house. Carts will not be serviced next to bear boxes unless a special push-pull service is set up with TTSD.

2. Carts are serviced every-other-week, year-round. The first pick-up day in Tahoe Donner is June 9th. Recycling carts are serviced on opposite weeks as yard waste carts. Never miss a pick-up: set up email reminders or print out a calendar.

3. What do I recycle? Clean and dry plastics #1-2, paper, cardboard, glass, and metal. All materials should be free of any residual food or liquid. Blue bags and other plastic bags should not go in your cart. However, blue bags can still be used for extra recycling and should be placed next to your cart or trash can. Blue bags are serviced with your trash pickup every week. For more info on what’s recyclable, see What’s Recyclable in Truckee or download signs. Also, learn more about how to properly put out your trash and blue bags to avoid extra charges.

4. Additional cart services are available. Residents can order additional recycling carts or wildlife-resistant carts for an additional rate. A push-pull service is also available if you are unable to roll your cart in and out on your service day. Contact TTSD at 530-583-7800 for details.