What Is a Trash Overage Charge?

what is a trash overage charge?

Each resident is allotted one 32-gallon can of trash picked up each week. A two can service is also available for $14.82/month. An overage charge of $5.26 may be received for putting out extra trash or for blue bags that are incorrectly used.

Trash overage charges may be received if:

  1. Materials (trash or blue bags) exceed the height of your can.
  2. An extra can is used — even for blue bags!
  3. Cardboard or additional trash is left outside a can.

overfilled trash and recycling cans

How to avoid an overage charge:

  1. Only put out one trash can that is not overfilled.
  2. Place blue bags NEXT TO your trash can, not inside.
  3. Only put accepted recyclables in your blue bags. Find out what’s recyclable in Truckee.
  4. Tightly secure all blue bags.
  5. If you have extra trash, schedule a FREE overage!

correctly filled trash can

Scheduled Overages

For those days you have more than one can of trash, schedule a FREE overage! A free overage includes up to 3 extra bags or cans of extra waste (96-gallons total, 51 lb. limit per bag or can). Each resident gets four free overages per year. Schedule your overage before your collection day through your TTSD online customer portal under “MY ACCOUNT” at waste101.com. First time users may need to contact TTSD for a customer account number and invoice number. Contact TTSD at (530) 583-7800 for questions.

schedule a free overage

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