Recycling Do’s:
· Recycle right — know what goes where.
· Most of us put what we believe should be recycled into the recycling and think we’re doing the right thing. In reality, knowing what belongs in recycling makes recycling more successful.

Rules of Thumb:
· If it can mold or get stinky, rinse it before you put it in the recycling.
· Beverage containers (soda bottles, beer cans/bottles) do not need to be rinsed.
· Only place plastics #1 & #2 in the recycling.
· If it’s plastic and you can squish or crumple it, toss it in the trash. No plastic film products can be recycled curbside.
· If it’s contaminated with food or sticky, toss it in the trash.

Pro Tip:
· Be a minimalist. Shrink your “wasteberg” (the estimated 70 pounds of waste created in mining, manufacturing, packaging, etc. for every single pound of stuff we discard). Ask yourself, is there a better alternative? Can you repurpose it at home? Or purchase it second hand?



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