Hazardous Waste can be dropped off at the Eastern Regional Landfill only by appointment on drop-off event days. Check the Upcoming Events for a complete listing of upcoming drop-off events.

Residential Customers

On selected dates and with an appointment, residential customers can self-haul their household hazardous waste, or HHW, to the HHW processing facility located at the dump. All customers MUST make an appointment to participate in the hazardous waste events so the appropriate personnel to meet customer demand safely and quickly is provided. The program is free to qualifying Truckee residents (with certain restrictions on material types, weights, and volumes).

HHW events are being held for Residential customers every Friday, May through September, plus every 3rd Saturday.  Appointments are required.  During the months of October through April, only the 3rd Saturday events will be held.

Commercial Customers

Please note small quantity exempt generators of commercial hazardous waste are not allowed to participate in the residential events, but may make an appointment to self-haul hazmat materials for the Fridays preceding the residential event dates. Prices for commercial customers are available upon request.

To make an appointment and for more information call 530.583.7800 or go to waste101.com

Accepted Items (include but not limited to):

• Paint
• Contaminated motor oil
• Contaminated gasoline
• Brake fluid
• Solvents
• Automotive Chemicals
• Insecticides
• Herbicides
• Poisons
• Drain opener
• Oven cleaner
• Rug Cleaner
• Ammonia
• Chlorine bleach
• Disinfectants
• Pool and Spa chemicals
• Furniture polish
• Rubber cement
• Silver polish
• Tub/tile Cleaner
• Toilet Cleaner
• Pharmaceuticals
• Syringes in rigid plastic containers

Items NOT Accepted Include:

• Explosives/ammunition
• Asbestos
• Radioactive materials.
• Gas cylinders.
• Biohazards






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