What’s Recyclable in Truckee?

In Truckee, we have two different ways to participate in curbside recycle collection: new recycling carts and blue bags. Recycling carts are being phased into Truckee neighborhoods over the next three years, starting with Glenshire in October. Blue bags will also continue to be collected at all households. Both these methods serve the purpose of keeping recyclables separate from regular trash to prevent contamination and increase recycling rates. Here are some tips:

1. What do I recycle?

Paper                                Cardboard     

Glass                                    Metal        

Plastics  (These are typically durable plastic containers: milk, soda, water, juice, cooking oil, salsa, laundry detergent, shampoo containers, etc. Check symbol on product to verify.)




2. Some often misplaced items that you should throw in the trash:

-Wax-lined containers, including almond milk cartons, coffee cups, and other drink cups.


-Food-soiled paper, including dirty napkins and pizza boxes.

-Plasticsincluding: deli and meat wrap, grocery bags, bread bags, yogurt containers, takeout meal items, foam containers. (Check symbol on product to verify. If no symbol, it should be landfilled.)



3. Print out a sign to hang in your home.

Make sure your household and houseguests are aware of how to properly sort recyclables!


4. No blue bags or plastic bags in your recycling carts!

Blue bags will continue to be serviced at all households, even those with recycling carts. However, blue bags are not accepted inside your recycling cart. Film plastics and plastic bags are not recyclable through our curbside collection, so recyclables should be placed directly into carts without bags.


5. Unsure of where to place your item?

Use the search bar tool on keeptruckeegreen.org to find out if your material is recyclable in Truckee.


Remember: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle as the last resort.